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‘Imaginary’ Grand Opening of the Zwipi Underground Bar at the Thunder Walker on Gandhi Square.

Some people are not even sure whether the Zwipi Underground Bar really exists. Word spread like a wildfire in May 2018 that some secret underground dinners were taking place, hidden in an old bank vault underneath a historic building in the centre of town. Since then, many JoburgPlaces tour customers have reportedly seen this enigmatic space and rumour has it that a permanent bar will open soon as part of the Thunder Walker project.

JoburgPlaces is thrilled to announce the ‘imaginary’ opening of the Zwipi Underground Bar on the weekend of Wednesday 8 August till Sunday 12 August (Thursday 9 August is the Women’s Day public holiday). It is ‘imaginary’ as the bar is not really opening permanently yet. It is just a chance to get a sneak preview of the bar which by then will have gone through the clean-up, fit-out and renovation process.

JoburgPlaces offers a whole host of activities during the five-day weekend, all of which involve some food and drinks at the Zwipi Underground Bar. The venue will then only be open for private functions during August. Sometime in early September, the imaginary bar may turn into the reality of a bar with fixed trading hours - and of course many JoburgPlaces tours and activities taking place there too…

Start of the Thunder Walker… The Zwipi Underground Bar is phase 1 of the Thunder Walker Project on Gandhi Square. Subsequent phases will involve the Scatterlings Restaurant and Events Venue and the Balcony Gardens Hotel. Bookings for all activities are essential!



* Wednesday 8 August, 7:30pm-11pm *Saturday 11 August, 7:30pm-11pm * Sunday 12 August, 1-4:30pm

R595 per person: Dinner & Tour experience

Guests arrive at the historic arcade on ground level and are welcomed by a Pan-African Marimba band while enjoying delectable Ginifer & Tonic.

Starters are served in the main bar underground, after which guests leave on a short walking tour of the Gandhi Square precinct led by JoburgPlaces guides, Gerald Garner and Charlie Moyo.

Guests return to Zwipi for a poem recital, followed by the main course at set tables. Guests are served their pre-ordered main meals from a series of themed service stations, spread between the vault rooms.

Dessert is served from a beautifully-presented sweets station with a selection of delicacies.

The menu for the night is as follows:

STARTERS: Main Bar Guests are seated at cocktail tables in the main bar. Ginifer with Tonic or Fruit Cordial with Soda. South African cheeses with breads, preserves, sauces, olives, urban-farmed herbs/greens, breads and crackers


MAINS: Guests will be seated at set tables for their main course.

Tables configured as follows: Main Vault: Long Table for 20 guests, First Cellar: Table for 10 guests. Second Cellar: Table for 10 guests, Third Cellar: Table for 10 guests.

For mains choose from: Pan-Fried Trout, served on a bed of greens and a side of Citrus Salad. Gourmet Hamburgers with homemade Beef-and-herb patties, Mustard sauce and fresh greens (Mint, Rocket & Basil) and a side of Potato Crisps. Lamb-Stew with Dumpling or Vegetarian Curry with Coleslaw and a side of Butternut Spinach & Feta Salad with Roasted Pumpkin Seeds


DESSERT: A selection of Red Velvet Cake, Ex-wife’s Honeycomb Cake, Chocolate Brownies and other Tartlets


• Guests must confirm their main course choice when making the booking. • Full bar will be available on site for guests’ own account. Only the welcome gin & tonic is included in the tour/experience price.

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