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Fox Street

The Fox Street development represents an extension of the gains achieved through Gandhi Square and forms part of the inner city spine which runs from west to east in Johannesburg CBD.  

In 2004, a portion of Fox Street stretching two blocks went under redevelopment with the aim to create a pedestrian friendly zone linking Gandhi Square to the Carlton Centre.  The Fox Street Mall is a commercial and retail development that innovatively uses space to bring consumers to the inner city business hub.  

The walkway is lined with office buildings having ground floor retail shops, restaurants, salons etc and puts a twist on simple street shopping.  It is easily accessible for people coming from Gandhi Square, the main bus terminus of Johannesburg.  

The development won the Working and Buying Joburg category, with the sub-theme  of creating a business destination, which recognizes innovative and exciting commercial and retail developments that attract people to the city.

Fox Street Mall is a pedestrianized zone where people can move freely in a clean, safe and pleasant environment.

Pedestrianized Fox Street Walkway

The pedestrianized zone stretches two blocks between Kruis & Eloff Street, with further plans to extend two more blocks up to Rissik Street

Fox Street Walkway

Fox Street Mall has contributed towards substantial occupation of offices in the vicinity.

Fox Street Walkway

Fox Street Mall, linking Gandhi Square to the Carlton Shopping Centre, has been transformed into a first class business destination. 

Statue on Fox Street Walkway

A mixture of ground floor retail shops line the street on either side adding to the grand shopping experience in the heart of Jozi. 

Statue on Fox Street Walkway

The walkway was designed with an artistic pattern and includes a passage for vehicles heading in one direction.

Statue on Fox Street Walkway
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