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Main Street

Main Street's radical transformation from an empty, gloomy and decaying strip into a clean, safe and vibrant pedestrianized zone took place in 2004 after the rehabilitation of Gandhi Square. 

Main Street Mall runs along the heart of Johannesburg’s corporate mining district from the west linking to Gandhi Square towards the east.  


An initiative by OPH and a handful of companies, including the big mining corporate's, has seen Main Street transformed into a revitalized pedestrian friendly zone celebrating the city's rich and fascinating mining heritage.

With 24 hour security, there is a real sense of safety in the area which offers pedestrians the opportunity to walk freely among the trees and sit at pavement cafes enjoying the real city experience.  

Landscaped gardens of main street

The street is beautifully landscaped with it's plants and gardens well maintained.

Restaurants have expanded onto the pavements and take full advantage of good weather and attractive surroundings.

Cramers coffee, Gandhi Square Precinct

Mining artifacts are strategically placed as attractive "Art Pieces" along Main Street Mall to emphasize it's mining theme.

Mining artifacts placed along main Street

Main Street Mall links directly to Gandhi Square offering easy access from anywhere in Johannesburg. 

Locomotives placed along main street

An old mill used to crush rocks in the mines located on the corner of Hollard & Main Street.

Locomotives placed along main street

 City Perk Cafe offers delicious food, great service and a lovely setting.  stop by their take away window seen below and grab one to go.

Locomotives placed along main street
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