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Restoring the Past, Building the Future

After interviewing the OPH team, we have come to realize that heritage buildings in Johannesburg are not only important for our city, but the historical and cultural significance of these heritage buildings are absolutely vital. Heritage buildings in Johannesburg were affected drastically, not only due to passing time, but also the outside political factors that Johannesburg CBD experienced from the 80's through to recent times.

Somerset House (right), built in 1906, and the High Court Building (below), built in 1904, are positioned on the busy Gandhi Square and have fortunately, within the last year, become the responsibility of Olitzki Property Holdings to restore to their previous grandeur.

"Restoring a heritage building isn’t as simple as putting a fresh coat of paint on the façade or sending architects in to redesign the layout with the goal of making it commercially viable. You will face many challenges that are unique to the heritage building, and you must prepare for them beforehand. Heritage regulation, even though an essential law for the protection of these magnificent buildings, makes restoration, a pain in the bum”.

With the support of a dedicated engineering team and heritage specialists MayatHart Architects, who have been appointed to work on these heritage buildings, specialize in historical building restoration and have offered indispensable guidance throughout the restoration process to meet the heritage requirements.

"To find the balance between maintaining building safety, ensuring the building is a fully functional structure and adhering to the guidelines of the heritage regulation of Johannesburg are tremendously difficult. Any inaccurate additions to the building during the restoration process could cause the structure to lose most of its historical value".

"A small hole, short crack or single crumbling brick may seem like a harmless cosmetic defect, but it has in many cases lead to a greater issue with the building that requires urgent attention, valuable time, professional guidance and more money. Dealing with building materials that have not been used in over a century is also a common obstacle OPH has faced in restoring these buildings as these materials are more often than not, irreplaceable!"

At this very point, OPH have restored the facade of both buildings and placed ground floor retail tenants such as Bayport Financial Services (below) in the High Court Building and Kaizer Chiefs in Somerset House, both facing directly onto Gandhi Square.